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Basic Info Type: Cold Stamping Processing Type: Shaping Metal Material: Stainless Steel Mould: Multistep Progressive Dies Surface Processing: Electroplating Fine Blanking: Open Process: Forming Process Industry: Metal Stamping Parts Tolerances: 0.01mm Customized: Customized Size: As Per Drawing Additional Info Packaging: standard export package Productivity: 100 Ton/Month Brand: Mingda Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air Place of Origin: China Certificate: ISO9001 Port: Tianjin

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Stamping are the production technology of product parts with certain shape, size  and performance by means of the power of conventional or special  stamping equipment so that the sheet material is directly deformed and  deformed in the mold. Sheet metal, mold and equipment are three elements of stamping. Stamping is a metal cold deformation processing methods. Therefore, it is called cold stamping or sheet stamping, referred to as stamping. It is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing (or pressure  processing), and it is also affiliated with material forming  engineering technology. Of the global steel products, 50 to 60% are made of sheet metal, most of which are pressed and pressed into finished products. The  body of the car, the radiator plate, the steam drum of the boiler, the  shell of the container, the core steel of the motor and the electric  appliance, etc. are all stamped and processed. There  are also a large number of stamping parts in products such as  instrumentation, household appliances, office machines, and storage  containers. Stamping  is a highly efficient move to take complex model, the exception is a  multi-position progressive die, in a press to complete multi-channel  stamping operation, complete the automatic generation of materials. Generate fast, long rest time, Linqu low cost, the collective Linqu  hundreds of pieces per minute, by many processing plant favorite. Stamping parts and castings and forgings are strong and have thin, uniform, light and strong characteristics. Stamping  can produce work pieces with reinforcing ribs, ribs, coils, or flange  that are difficult to manufacture with this mature handpath to increase  its rigidity. Due  to the rejection of rough molds, the accuracy of the work piece can  reach micrometers, and the accuracy and specifications are the same. The  holes and bosses can be punched out. In  actual production, commonly used and stamping process similar to the  test, such as drawing performance test, bulging performance test  materials such as stamping performance test to ensure the quality of  finished products and high pass rate.


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